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Rostekhnadzor Permit to Use and Industrial Safety expert appraisal

RTN Permission to useRostehnadzor Permit to Use is a document confirming that the technical device can be used (be applied) on a dangerous industrial object. The permission can also be obtained for a complex technical installation where all components are interconnected and carry out a common technological function.

The Federal Agency of Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision (Rostehnadzor) is an executive office of the federal authority which prosecutes subjects of supervision concerning preservation of the environment, industrial safety, application of atomic energy, safety of explosives, electro- and thermal installations, objects of hydraulic engineering and power.

Without the Permission to Use it is prohibited to use the equipment; the enterprise breaking this rule is punished by penalties, its activity can be stopped. The permission of Rostehnadzor is necessary both for Russian, and the imported equipment.

Period of validity of the Permission makes five years, or the document can be valid during all operational period of the equipment, depending on the type of the equipment, use conditions, and other factors.

The documents necessary for reception of the Permission are:Data on the manufacturer (supplier) of the technical device,

  1. The Program and Method of carrying out the acceptance tests,
  2. Acts and protocols of the acceptance tests,
  3. Specifications, operation manuals,
  4. The passport of the equipment,
  5. Copy of the certificate of conformity of GOST R,
  6. Expert appraisal of the industrial safety.

The estimated time of obtaining the Permission is over 2 months. In difficult or complex cases, it can stretch out up to 6 months and more.

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