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Documents for the Eurasian Customs Union

The certificate of conformity of the Customs union is an obligatory document that verifies conformity of production to the established requirements and allows transaction on the territories of the Customs union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Declarations on conformity, unlike certificates, can be issued by the producer himself, and then registered at the certification authority, included in the Uniform register of certification authorities and test laboratories of the Customs union.

The accepted Declaration is included in the Uniform register of the Accepted Declarations issued in Unified form. The declared goods then may be tranferred all over the territory of the Customs union. The declaration on conformity of the goods, issued according to the Unified form, is valid not more than 5 years from the moment of reception.

It is supposed that with time the Technical regulations of the Customs union will completely force out the declarations and certificates of the Customs union, and will also replace with the Technical regulations of the Russian Federation. Accordingly, the certification and declaration of products will be carried out for the conformity to the requirements of the Technical regulations of the Customs union (TRCU).

The uniform list of products subject to certification or declaring by the rules of the Customs Union, is established in April, 2011 and is constantly updated. If certain product is not present in the given list, the necessity of its certification or declaring is defined by the legislation of Russia.

The list of production specified in the List is valid before the corresponding Technical regulation of the Customs union comes into force. At this moment it is excluded from the list, and will be validated according to the Technical Regulation.

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